Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fast Flow

Everyone's the same. All brains are contained by their reality frame
and chained to the terrain that they're trained not to change and once
you see what I've explained you've hit the jackpot. you think im whack but im not;
seems you forgot whose on top, and who just flopped. please just stop, your not impressing me.
its plain to see, the pain i feel aint make believe, its like rain to me, i feel it n i brush it free.
i think all i can afford is this fake glee
it takes a while to dry the pain i feel inside of me, it takes a lot to get thru this terrible ride with me.
i try my best to coast, yet all i do is glide and see. ive learned to balance all i got within my pride and chi.


  1. Nice work. I liked your last poem also. A little dark, but its good.

  2. good rhythm and its well written. good job

  3. and now put a beat under it!

  4. That is nice text! very sensitive