Sunday, May 29, 2011

Aurora Borealis

Serenity in my eyes. Yet troublesome on my heart.
My lost soul whispers for company. Safety, dawns upon my horizon.
Longing eyes pierce my heart. An infectious smile that would turn sorrow to ecstasy.
An open palm, a quick maneuver.
Hands touch, fingers lock.
Souls intertwine, hearts entangled in the smooth symphony of internal flame.
Sigh of relief. Warmth spreads through my shivering body.
The ice in my heart melts. Fashioned, ever so softly, into the budding roots of life.
Eruption in my heart, the love that has been locked up so tightly inside flows free.
The colors spread across the open sky that is my mind. Connection between two lovers.
Aurora Borealis.

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